Braun Paxette

Braun Paxette 35mm Rangefinder Camera

My father travelled to Africa and Europe in the late 1950’s.
He wanted a decent camera to record this adventure, so after pricing a Leica III he immediately lowered his expectations and chose the Braun Paxette (year and No). This was a wise choice as it turned out, the entire kit is still in perfect working order after 60 years, including the lightmeter and a set of tiny filters.
The Paxette is a small but heavy weight 35mm rangefinder camera from Germany. Braun made a series of very successful products in the 1950s and 1960s. Their cameras were perfectly positioned in the photography market against the much more expensive Leica.
My father’s camera is the Braun Paxette IIM which was introduced in 1953.
It’s constructed from heavy solid steel throughout, this compares to the lighter alloys that were used in the subsequent Japanese rangefinders that began to appear in the 1960’s.